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So I finally have a tattoo.

Judging by how many people were surprised that I got a tattoo, I suppose some sort of an explanation is in order. I don’t know that I can really explain why I wanted a tattoo, but I can say with definite certainty that I wanted one. I’ve been interested and thinking about getting a tattoo for over ten years, and decided to use my Dad’s calligraphy of our name before his Lewy Body disease made it impossible for him to do any calligraphy – and asked him to paint it for me.

I didn’t tell him what I wanted it for. I have no idea if he would have approved or disapproved – but I do know that he would not have said anything if he disapproved, so I said nothing. Also, I hadn’t yet fully committed to getting it, meaning mainly that I hadn’t decided where to get it, and I was thinking that it might be something I’d want to do after he died.

I like tattos at the base of the neck – but this tatto was for me, so it didn’t make any sense to put it somewhere where I’d have to contort before a mirror to see it for myself. I liked the idea of the forearm or the ankle, but expected that the ankle was likely to be more painful, being less fleshy (and having no idea what the regular sort of painful was going to be, was not excited to choose a painful location), and both locations are not terribly discreet. They are not brand-it-on-my-forehead statements, but I can forsee situations where I might not want to show it off. And I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell Mom, so that was a factor (and apparently not a great one, as I told her pretty much immediately).

Ultimately I chose my upper thigh – clearly visible in a bathing suit, and certain pairs of shorts, but otherwise invisible

As it turns out, getting it wasn’t really all that painful. It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t comfortable, but aside from when she started on a new area, it was mainly just uncomfortable, but easily bearable.

And so far, there are no regrets – not that I was expecting any, else I wouldn’t have done it, but it’s reassuring to be glad I did it.

But I wasn’t expecting what I would feel when I got it.

I now understand why people say it is addictive, and why there are so many heavily tattooed people. It’s an impressively empowering experience, one that I found surprising. It gave me a feeling of finally taking ownership of my body, which seems ridiculous seeing as I was already the one living in it and who had the most control over it. Still, I felt like I at last staked my claim and none can take it from me.

No doubt the feeling will fade, but I’m going to hold onto it while it lasts.


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Well, it’s a post turning the big 4-0, and I can check off one more item – I cleaned and purged the laundry room. I feel a little sheepish about this item – it’s been hanging over me for months, if not a year, and has intimidated the hell out of me. I had somehow let it become a disaster area and couldn’t even visualize getting it under control.

Which is silly, as it’s a tiny room. This morning I simply pulled everything out, sorting/trashing as I went, and then (after cleaning) putting things back. It’s amazing how little space things take up when I take the trouble of putting things back where they belong. It only took 90 minutes, and is giving me a great deal more pleasure than I expected.

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Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome (17:33)

An entertaining talk about seeking the joy in the small things.

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
And latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”

I particularly like the part about Rosie Grier and needlepoint

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I selected Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability (20:20) because I seem to recall hearing good things about Brene Brown … and because I’m interested in how fear (most partiularly fear of vulnerability) affects behavior (specifically my own, but I digress).

Wow. That’s a talk I think I want to see again.


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Looking for something short, as I don’t want to be distracted for too long,

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself (3:16)

Interestingly counterintuitive: by telling someone your goal, you make it less likely to happen. I suspect that is situation dependent – telling a friend in casual conversation is a bit different than telling your officemates who will then hold you accountable.


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Somewhere on the intranets – just where I’ve forgotten – I saw this TED talk recommended:

Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep (4:11)

Gotta say – the lady has a point.

Also gotta love the idea of (literally) sleeping your way to the top.

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The Jill and Julia Show (6:18)

I’m in the mood for something funny …

Turns out – not so funny


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