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Last night my brother and I took Mom to Scutra for her 80th birthday. It’s a restaurant in Arlington just 10 minutes from my Mom’s house, which I gather was opened in 2002. I’d never been before, but Mom suggested it, and so we went.

The food was excellent, though I found the atmosphere a bit loud. We were seated in the bar area, but when walking through the rest of the restaurant on our way out, it seemed just as noisy in the other room as in the bar. The floor was carpeted, so the only real way to reduce the noise that I could identify would be to decrease the number of tables (which were a bit tightly packed), but that would cut significantly into the restaurant’s income, so is not a likely option. I’d return with a younger crowd, but am not sure I’d recommend it for an older crowd. Granted, it was a Friday evening – it may have been a particularly busy and loud evening.


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