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Run 200 miles

Last Sunday I ran for the first time in about 3 months, after resting far more completely than I should have when I got Achilles tendonitis 😦

It felt great, but I’m going to be taking it very carefully over the next few weeks to make certain I don’t aggravate the tendon again. It’s harder than I expected to run (that’s what slacking off will do) but also to stop running after about a mile, to take it easy.

I want to push myself and have to remember not to.


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Yoga Again

This morning I got up and went for my first run in 3 months … and nary a complaint from my achilles tendon! Then I went to another yoga class – much more difficult when already tired. But this may be something I manage to do regularly!

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I was supposed to be running the Philadelphia Distance Run this morning. I foolishly hopefully signed up for it even after my calf and achilles tendon began giving me problems, being naively optimistic about my chances of a quick recovery.The Unhappiest Bowling Pin

It’s been over a month, and recovery has been slow. It seems likely to me that even if I were willing to pay the money and go to the trouble of going somewhere else to run a marathon, I’m unlikely to be prepared before the big day. So I’m reluctantly putting a marathon off for another year and have come up with an alternative goal: learn to set aside time for fun. I’m going to see if I can manage one day a week where I consciously and deliberately do no chores or “should-dos” and just do what I want to. Obviously that excludes whatever training I’ve set myself up for and work, but will allow me to work on my 40B440 items – if I feel like it. I need to recover the skill of laziness and enjoying myself.

I’m stil holding on to the hope that I’ll be able to run 200 miles – if I give myself another month of no running, it’s still doable. If I take longer, it will be more of a challenge, but I’ll reevaluate then.

So for the next month I’m playing it safe: strength training, lots of stretching, and bicycling or swimming.

I suspect that this is going to be hard on me – today I caught myself thinking mean thoughts at all the runners I saw enjoying the beautiful day. I am jealous.

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Day 4 of PCP

Well, here we are at Day 4


I’m still stressing about the half-portions. I have to worry about something!

Almond milk and blueberry smoothie
1 cup herbal tea
1/2 bowl oatmeal
1/2 bowl vegetable soup
1 dumpling
pinch o’pretzel
half a handful of carrots
1/2 serving cabbage and pork

And I’m beginning to notice that I’m a tiny bit more preoccupied with food today.


For some reason, I kept getting tripped up on the jumprope this morning. Serves me right for being so cocky after yesterdays workout.

I’m a bit stiff and sore – so I was worried about the lunges. I needn’t have worried, I warmed into them all right. But ramping up the push-ups …. they’ve now slid from ugly to a car wreck ….
I hope for some improvement when my bars arrive.

Pleased so far … I’m missing running, so might see if I can squeeze the time in for a light run tomorrow.

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Day 3 of PCP

Well here is the reason I’m doing PCP:

I’m not very comfortable posting this picture.

That is inaccurate. I’m pretty damn uncomfortable posting this picture, but I’m posting it anyway. Lying to myself about how I’ve let myself slide out of shape and over-weight just makes it easier to find excuses not to do anything about it. I want to remind myself what I’m working towards, and I think some straight-up honesty will help.

I’m going to steal Marissa’s approach of PCP blogging; right now I’m thinking about this project as a diet project and as an exercise project.


I’m pretty sure I blew the half-portions yesterday. I will note that I set the bar pretty high for myself, but even accounting for that … I think I strayed.

So I’m learning that I should pay more attention to what I eat. My eating habits are a mixture of good and bad.

The good:
I eat a lot of vegetables
I don’t eat a lot of meat
I eat practically no processed food
I do not have a particularly strong sweet tooth

The bad:
I tend to eat when bored
I tend to eat when tired
I tend to comfort eat
If something tastes good, I don’t stop when I’m full
It takes a long time before my stomach lets my head know that I’m done.
I have a weakness for the salty and fatty. (Cheese, glorious cheese … )

If I can learn moderation – and the world doesn’t stop spinning – I’ll be ok.


So that happy zing of yesterday became a slight soreness today. Which I like. I’ve missed that reminder that I’ve been pushing myself. Probably because I haven’t been – lazy me.

Jumping rope is getting easier – even though we added a few hops today. This is 100% my getting more efficient and 0% getting stronger. I noticed, when I accidentally did a set with a double hop, that I found it easier to double hop than single hop. Which made me realize I was putting more effort into my single hops than I needed to.

Push-ups, on the other hand… they’re still ugly. Possibly getting uglier

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Day 2 of PCP

was much happier this morning to do the exercises first thing – and to realize that I am slowly getting my jump-rope legs under me. After I was done, I had that happy zing that comes from using muscles seldom used. Of course, it was only 9 or so hours after my first round, so that may have had something to do with it.

I’m finding the half-portions more difficult than I expected. Not so much because I’m starving, but because I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have terribly regular eating habits and I’m not at all sure how much is a half serving. I am paranoid that I’m cheating. Perhaps I should plan meals that can more easily be split in two.

But I like that I’m starting to pay attention to what I eat.

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Day 1 of PCP

So here it is – the close of Day 1.

So far so good. Going half portions is easy in some places (I know how much oatmeal I usually have for breakfast), less easy in others (how much would I normally have for dinner? Really?) but so far so good.

The exercises … I was disappointed to have to schedule my workout in the evening (I am SOOOO much more of a morning person) but I couldn’t manage both getting enough sleep and getting to work on time – never mind adding a workout – after my regular Thursday evening activities. I not only prefer morning workout because I’m awake – but they rev me up for the day, and I’m always afraid that something will come up, or I’ll invent an excuse or distraction to abandon a workout in the evening. And when I am tired I am more prone to insensible decisions like wanting to veg out instead of work out …

But I did it –

Wow. Jumping rope let me know that I’m not as coordinated as I thought I’d been. I guess I knew that I didn’t have any upper body strength, but still managed to get the push ups done. They were ugly, but they weren’t on my knees. The squats and crunches were ok – those are exercises I’m used to.

Looking forward to tomorrow – but not so much the loading of my “before” photo.  Sigh. You need to face it to address it.

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