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I knew it had been awhile since I’d blogged. A part of me was chagrinned and disappointed with myself: it’s something I keep circling back to a something that I want to do, yet have been short on the follow-through. Here I am, circling around again for another go around, hoping that this time it will stick.

But I was surprised to find that it had been as long as it had since I was last here. I haven’t posted since early February 2011 (and that post I never got around to posting until earlier this summer).

It’s been more than a year an a half. When I thought about it, I realized I haven’t posted since my life was interrupted by events outside of my control. I’d been under the belief that I was handling it pretty well.

However, because there wasn’t an obvious impact on my life, apparently it didn’t mean that it didn’t have an impact at all.

I’m realizing now, that it’s had a pretty big impact on my life, aside from going a year and a half without writing in this blog. It’s been a year and a half where subtle, and largely unacknowledged coping mechanisms took me away from living my life the way I want to, the way I used to.

And now I want it back.

I want to write in this blog again.
I want to see my life in stories.
I want my life to be FULL of stories.
In short, I want to get back to living, not merely managing.

Here is where I’m beginning what I’m calling my transformation project.


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