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So I have crossed one more item off my 40B440 list: 38 to go.

I took a photo-walk in Boston along the Freedom Trail. I’ve wanted to take a (non self-directed) photo-walk for a while. I couldn’t find any in Philadelphia, but did find one in Boston. And it sat on the edge of my to-do list for awhile, never quite getting pushed into doing. With this 40B440 project, I took the leap and signed up.

To be honest, I would have preferred to do one of the other photo-walks offered simply because I’ve already walked the Freedom Trail once, and have visited portions of it many times. But when it came time to leap, this one fit my schedule.

I’m glad I did it.

According to http://www.cityofboston.gov, the Freedom Trail is one of the first historical walking tours in America. It is a 2.5 mile long path marked by a red brick or painted line that takes one to 16 historical sites, and was invented in March of 1951 by Bill Schofield. We didn’t walk the whole path; the photo walk was just under 2 hours long, and allowing time for photos and brief history lessons, the whole tour would take much longer. The purple line shows the route we took:

The photos that I took from the walk are here – those with little walking figures are shots suggested by the guide, Saba.

It was a gorgeous day to be out and about in Boston – breezy, warm, with brilliant sun, blue skies, and puffy white clouds. I over exposed a few photos, but what the hell  I had a great time.

Statehouse 2

Massachusetts State House

Quincy Mkt and sculpture

Quincy Market and Sculpture (?)

We started at the State House, moving through Quincy Market,

Revere home

Paul Rever House: Suggested shot

and ending up at Paul Revere’s home in the North End.

If I have time with all my other projects, I’ll try to do another photo walk. Perhaps one in NYC!


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Month 3

I feel guilty for starting the month with a “cheater” day … but it was unavoidable with a trip up to Boston to visit with Dad in his last weekend at the nursing/rehabilitation facility. It was great to see the improvement.

So I hope to post my plans for the week for tracking tomorrow, but for the one resolution I’m keeping today: taking at least three photos a week. My idea is to align this with my resolution to “be creative with a purpose” – and I’m going to try to keep to a theme. So I snagged a bunch of theme words from the internet and printed them out and cut them into strips for drawing:

and this week I drew:

Inspire. Hmm. A challenge to photograph.  Well, a challenge can be fun!

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