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Maybe This Time

A book I’d put my name on the waitlist for months ago finally came in for me and I spent a good part of today reading it:

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie.

Books that I request from the library are generally Hard Covers that I want to read, but am either pretty sure that I’ll regret buying as a hard cover or am not sure that I’ll like, but don’t want to wait for the paperback.¬† This one – I enjoyed, but it’s still on the library request list for me. I didn’t enjoy it enough to want to own it, or to keep it. Crusie usually does pretty interesting and amusing characters, although her books tend to be a shade too madcap and slapstick for me, just OTT enough for me to mentally roll my eyes as some of the antics ensue. I think I’d thoroughly love her books if she’d just dial it back a shade.

Also, I know that ghosts and the paranormal are all the rage right now, but it didn’t really work here. Ghosts and slapstick .. if it’s not Noel Coward, don’t bother.

Still, it’s lovely to spend a weekend afternoon reading. I need to do this more often.


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Harvest Moon

Last Sunday, I wrapped up the weekend by (foolishly) staying up late to read Harvest Moon, a collection of three novellas by Mercedes Lackey, Michelle Sagara, and Cameron Haley that I’d started a week or so previously.

Although Mercedes Lackey was the headline author (first story, name in biggest text on front), I was not expecting to enjoy her story: I haven’t enjoyed something she’s written in probably close to a decade and stopped even checking her books out of the library years ago. And I didn’t. On top of being a pretty un-interesting retelling of Greek myths, with no real explanation of why a retelling is even an interesting¬† concept to begin with, it was a very pallid tale with flat characters and no point. In my opinion, Mercedes Lackey hasn’t worked on the work of writing for a very long time – just writes a children’s level sketch about some not-very-deeply thought out world building.

I was curious about Cameron Haley, as I’d not read her before, and she really had a great start to the story. Unfortunatley, she lost me somewhere along the way. This, I acknowledge, is verly likely my fault, as I was reading it when very tired and wanted very much to both read the story and sleep and instead did neither and regret both. But also, I think, it was a) set in a world that I was unfamiliar with and didn’t introduce me to it terribly well and b) I never had any great fears that the protagonist would either come to any great harm or not surmount her problems – and without that tension, a story loses alot of it’s strength.

I bought the book for the Michelle Sagara story, as I’d discovered and glommed through her Cast-in series this past summer and loved them, and was not disappointed. In fact, the story was stronger than I expected as it’s a backstory for the protagonist of the series and written, I imagine, later in the series when (generally) a bit of the magic wanes. The book was worth it for this story, although I want my time back that I wasted on the Lackey story.

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