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Day 76

1. exercise daily: 1 hard mile, 15 min intervals yes
2. get adequate sleep: 8.5 I hope so
3. stay on a diet: no dinner with client
4. Learn better time management: needs work
5. photo/blog more regularly:


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Day 75

1. exercise daily: 3 easy miles 6,6,4,4,5+ pushups half done – chose sleep over exercise. Darn it
2. get adequate sleep: 7.5 nope. stupid
3. stay on a diet: no chili cook-off today at work
4. Learn better time management: so-so made some time estimate errors; didn’t allow for fatigue
5. photo/blog more regularly: gotta work on this

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Day 72

1. exercise daily: nope – Because of pottery and a series of sleepless nights, slept in
2. get adequate sleep: – no. But did as well as I could with the time available
3. stay on a diet: – no. Too tired to control impulses.
4. Learn better time management: – not too bad today. Stayed on schedule until the evening, then stayed up an hour later than intended
5. photo/blog more regularly: – will work on that this weekend

Boy, am I looking forward to this weekend. And sleeping in tomorrow

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Day 71

1. exercise daily: NOPE. lack of sleep made me sleep in
2. get adequate sleep: NOPE worst night in a long while took 2 hrs to get to sleep
3. stay on a diet: yes
4. Learn better time management: not bad. Meaning that I stayed focused, but didn’t think about my schedule thoroughly
5. photo/blog more regularly: nope


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Day 70

1. exercise daily: done did 6,6,4,4,9 pushups
2. get adequate sleep: did okay. didn’t sleep particularly well, but better than the previous night
3. stay on a diet: close
4. Learn better time management: did pretty well – there were a bunch of unexpected things, but I think I handled them ok. or was I just lucky?
5. photo/blog more regularly: Neh

Lit candles!

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Day 69

1. exercise daily: 1 mile + 15 minutes intervals done
2. get adequate sleep: ~ 7hrs not good sleep
3. stay on a diet: done
4. Learn better time management: tried – miserable success. Need to either learn to capture everything better, or learn better ways to handle changes
5. photo/blog more regularly: eh

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Month 3

I feel guilty for starting the month with a “cheater” day … but it was unavoidable with a trip up to Boston to visit with Dad in his last weekend at the nursing/rehabilitation facility. It was great to see the improvement.

So I hope to post my plans for the week for tracking tomorrow, but for the one resolution I’m keeping today: taking at least three photos a week. My idea is to align this with my resolution to “be creative with a purpose” – and I’m going to try to keep to a theme. So I snagged a bunch of theme words from the internet and printed them out and cut them into strips for drawing:

and this week I drew:

Inspire. Hmm. A challenge to photograph.  Well, a challenge can be fun!

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