Well, it’s a post turning the big 4-0, and I can check off one more item – I cleaned and purged the laundry room. I feel a little sheepish about this item – it’s been hanging over me for months, if not a year, and has intimidated the hell out of me. I had somehow let it become a disaster area and couldn’t even visualize getting it under control.

Which is silly, as it’s a tiny room. This morning I simply pulled everything out, sorting/trashing as I went, and then (after cleaning) putting things back. It’s amazing how little space things take up when I take the trouble of putting things back where they belong. It only took 90 minutes, and is giving me a great deal more pleasure than I expected.


Resolutions – 2011

As yet unfiltered, un-abandoned – and unachievable in it’s entirety …


Resolutions 2011

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome (17:33)

An entertaining talk about seeking the joy in the small things.

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
And latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”

I particularly like the part about Rosie Grier and needlepoint

I selected Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability (20:20) because I seem to recall hearing good things about Brene Brown … and because I’m interested in how fear (most partiularly fear of vulnerability) affects behavior (specifically my own, but I digress).

Wow. That’s a talk I think I want to see again.


Looking for something short, as I don’t want to be distracted for too long,

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself (3:16)

Interestingly counterintuitive: by telling someone your goal, you make it less likely to happen. I suspect that is situation dependent – telling a friend in casual conversation is a bit different than telling your officemates who will then hold you accountable.


Somewhere on the intranets – just where I’ve forgotten – I saw this TED talk recommended:

Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep (4:11)

Gotta say – the lady has a point.

Also gotta love the idea of (literally) sleeping your way to the top.

Overall Resolution: To feel more engaged in life and living.

I think that I achieved 50/50 success on this one: I did beautifully in the first part of the year, before Dad died, and I’ve been making steps back in that direction in the latter part of the year. The middle portion of the year, not-so-much. But I’m cutting myself a good chunk of justified slack on this.

Of the individual resolutions here is a summary:

Work towards being as fit as I’ve ever been by:
Successfully completing the Peak Condition Project
• Continuing to follow diet and training for another 90 days FAIL – but Dad died two weeks after, so that I’m going to blame on bad timing
• Weigh 125 before the end of the year FAIL – pass on to 2011
• Run another marathon (Philadelphia marathon) – more comfortably and in less than 5 hours POSTPONEDalthough I’m not sure I could have managed anyway, I got achilles tendonitis from (I believe) running in beat down shoes and had to take 3 months off running.
Get on top of my health maintenance – dr. appointments, preventative care, etc.
To track my Resolution progress by:
• Weekly PCP blog entries
• Monthly Failure=Success essay FAIL – but have been making (smaller) steps towards being a more regular blogger
• Keeping a food journal PARTIAL SUCCESS – I did well during PCP, terribly thereafter. Pass on to 2011
• Keeping a training journal FAIL – to be honest, forgot this was a resolution. Did well during PCP, nothing afterwards
Tracking weight, blood pressure, and $ spent

Find a better way to balance work, me, and trips up to Boston.

I have been improving – but have, perhaps, reached the limits of what can be achieved. It’s not possible to adequately balance bi-weekly trips. I’m going to need to start cutting back on the frequency. January will be the start, as I’ve already booked every weekend except my birthday.
Slow down and simplify my life.

Baby steps. No wild success, but I can’t claim abject failure either. Perhaps my expectations were not realistic.
• Writing down one (or more) things that I do or accomplish each day on my calendar. So I can look over the year and have a decent sense of what I’m doing – or what I’ve been wasting my time on. FAIL I did this well for the first month or two and then gave up. This year I’ll try something similar, but different.
• Experiment with daily meditation.
Light candles more often
• Bring more flowers into my life

Continue to work on having better time management.
• Making reasonable estimates on what I can accomplish in a day PARTIAL FAIL – in this case, I think my expectations were too high. I have been making baby steps forward
• Taking a measure of how much putter/me time I need and make certain that I get it FAIL but making progress
• Not biting off more than I can chew … and to carry the metaphor further, spit out what’s going to choke me
• Planning time for me, for fun, and for vacation. Keeping in mind that I’d like a “big” vacation in a year or two. FAIL – due to family events
• Be more attentive to how I am actually spending my time. This would be helped if I can find a way to get myself to track my time and analyze what I find. I will try again. FAIL

Work on actually working to become a writer.
• Regular journal writing FAIL
• Blog entries
• Failure=Success essays FAIL
• Think through and research long-term dreams FAIL

Work on pursuing my happiness, not what other’s think it should be, or what I think it should be, but what it actually is.

Baby steps forward.
Pay more attention to long term goals.

• Plan a big trip. When. Where. What. Budget & Save
Start building a recipe binder. PARTIAL FAIL
Be more aware of my finances. PARTIAL FAIL
• Track my spending FAIL
• Research and monitor my big-project spending FAIL
• Identify areas where I can save money simply by not being stupid and weak. (I’m thinking food, book, and craft project spending are obvious areas for improvement)

Spend more time keeping in touch with long-distance friends.

PARTIAL SUCCESS needs improvement
Cut down on TV FAIL
Make cultural activities a more regular part of my life. FAIL
Clean, organize, and streamline home. Except the laundry room, which needs to be done. I also need to cycle through the process a few more times.
Consciously work on my photography.
• Taking one or more classes FAIL
Putting myself through a number of exercises to get a better familiarity and a better gut-level understanding of the main technical aspects of photography (ISO; aperture; shutter speed)
Setting aside time to practice.

Host more social events.
• Brunch: The Great Eggsperiment
• Game Night (or more than one) FAIL
• Christmas in July FAIL
Wine and Cheese
• Halloween: poker/gambler theme FAIL
• A picnic trip to Longwood Gardens FAIL
A trip to the shore
• A trip to the Mann Center FAIL

I also hosted at least two crafting parties

Read 50/50 for fun and for thinking. PARTIAL SUCCESS
Write. Daily. FAIL
Try on-line dating again. FAIL
Take stock of where I am now, so as to see what I can achieve in 2010. .
Every day write down what I’ve accomplished. PARTIAL SUCCESS
Eat out of the Freezer and Pantry. Needs to be done again
Create a List of 40 Things to do before I am 40 – and start doing them. Although I’m likely not going to complete them all ….